Anti bacterial coatings
In many industries, the need for strict quality control, coupled with the increasing pressures of safety legislation, means that maintaining effective hygiene control is now an absolute priority.

CML Decorators Ltd have a long history of working in hygiene critical areas, including NHS Trust hospitals, veterinary, laboratories, doctors surgeries, retirement homes, schools, abattoirs, food processing plants, bottling plants, breweries, public sector amenities and many others. As a result, we understand the importance of quality control and attention to detail.
Water tanks and cooling towers can be ideal breeding grounds for Legionella and other bacteria - a constant problem - but we are able to treat these and many other areas quickly, cheaply and effectively, with the minimum amount of fuss and downtime.
In conjunction with our suppliers CML Decorators Ltd are actively involved in applications that compliment regular cleaning procedures.

Benefits in using anti-bacterial coatings include:
Inhibits growth e.g. MRSA, E.Coli
Contains Silve Ion technology
Proven to actively inhibit bacteria
Workable and cleanable
Contains fungicide / algaecide

Virtually any hygiene sensitive area can be treated with our specialist anti-bacterial coatings for floors, walls, tanks and machinery. All our hygiene finishes, from the high gloss to matt, incorporate a built in mould inhibitor which is non-leaching and will last the life of the coating.