CML Get dulux trade contract partnership status

The Dulux Trade Contract Partnership scheme was launched to proactively embrace the Egan principals of partnering and to help drive quality standards in the painting abd decorating industry forward.

Dulux trade

Only professional painting contractors vetted and approved by a Dulux Trade appointed independent auditor are eligible to join the Dulux Trade Contract Partnership scheme. All Contract Partners have undergone a full quality asurance audit, and are either ISO9002 registered or have satisfied the ICI Quality Assessment and demonstrated a comparable quality commitment and operating standard.

While there is no typical Dulux Trade Contract Partner in terms of size, every Contract Partner shares the same high standards of professionalism and workmanship. All work is carried out in strict accordance with the Dulux Trade Code of Practice (based on BS EN 9000:2, BS6150 and BS8000 part 12) to be sure of consistent quality results across the board.

Contract Partners work to an agreed specification, within the agreed timing and at the agreed costs, Quotes and tenders are fair to both parties and represent value for money.